Mastery in Living
30 weeks of life transformation
3 parts: Discovery, Creation, Live.

How to be a master of your life?


Discover, create and live the life you love


Transformational coaching and mentoring program.



This program enables you to look at yourself as a human being and realize:


-        How you perceive yourself and why it is like that


-        How you respond to situations in your life and why this is happening


-        How your life occurs for you and where is it coming from


-        What are your limitations and blocks and what can you do with them


-        How to start dreaming again and fulfilling your dreams and wishes



And after we "clear your wardrobe", we begin to create a "new wardrobe" and we will discover your:


-        Feelings and needs and how to express them in communication with others


-        Self-confidence (having integrity with yourself and others)


-        Life Values and Authenticity


-        Talents and Passion


-        Your Vision (creating your future)


Do you have any area in your life that does not work for you as you want, or do you want to know yourself better and discover your hidden potential?


The Program Mastery in Living is designed for people who are interested in developing themselves and discovering their possibilities in life.


In this 30 weeks Program – you will get 30 individual coaching sessions (on SKYPE), 30 videos, 30 training materials and 30 playbooks, Talent profile test, and daily support by email.



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