Conscious Uncoupling

​3 months program for how to end a romantic union in honorable, gracious and respectful ways;

A step-by-step road map for how to breakup in a way that does minimal damage to all involved;

A clear guide for how separating couples can create new, cooperative and life-affirming agreements and structures that set everyone up to win moving forward. Live Happily Even After.

From heartbreak to happiness, health and a whole new You.


Conscious communication in partnerships

Would you like to improve your communication and move from blaming and arguments to sharing and openness where you have a freedom of choice?  Would you like to discover your self- beliefs and value system which is driving your life, your strengths and self-value?

This 3 months program is for people who would like be powerful, self-expressed and authentic in their life and their relationships. 


Calling in "The One"

3 months program to Attract the Love of Your Life. 

Are you frustrated by unfulfilled relationships, missed connections, and the loneliness of the search for someone to spend the rest of your life with? Are you ready, instead, to find “The One”?

I can help you clear away the obstacles that have been holding you back from the love you deserve and desire.

No matter how persistent your painful patterns in love have been, you have the power to manifest happy, healthy, wholehearted love!

So, if you’re ready to discover the subtle ways you have unknowingly been sabotaging your love life for years and let go of them forever—so that you can finally be ready and available to “call in” your perfect match . . . I want you to know that you’re in the right place.


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Talent Dynamics Profile Test

Discover your natural talent, strenghts and challenges. There are eight Talent Dynamics profiles. Each represents a certain mix of energy, thinking and action styles. The profiles are not a label but an entrance point to understand yourself in terms of how you act and think.


Each of the Talent Dynamics profiles has its own strengths and challenges. When working by yourself there is little you can do except understand why certain tasks and roles drain you, while other jobs excite and energise you.Yet no one truly works alone. Everyone has a group or team of partners, clients and suppliers.



















You will realize your uniqueness and potential and how to use it in your professional and personal life. Live your life in ‘flow’ – the path of least resistance. Get inspired how to live in harmony and be full of energy.


Special offer: £160 (price includes Talent Dynamics profile test and 45-60 min debrief with wow moments)



Book your session here  >>>

I am a certified Flow Consultant, trained by Sylvia Baldock.


When we know how to create FLOW and stay in FLOW we see significant improvements in:

  • Engagement

  • Motivation

  • Productivity

  • Efficiency

  • Accuracy

  • Profitability

  • Job Satisfaction

  • Energy and fun

Women who are busy mums looking after their families, ladies in their fifties who want to feel more alive or single ladies thinking about a new career or entrepreneurial ventures have enjoyed collaborating with me. See what they say about their experience in the testimonial section.


I offer bespoke Life Coaching packages in English and Czech language where you can learn how you can start creating new opportunities in your life. I can help you establish what is in your way to take the action and fulfil your desired possibility. 6 coaching sessions - special offer - £480.


1-2-1 online coaching

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Femina In Bloom

This is a special offer for the graduates of Femina Fusion program who are already GIFEW members.


In this  special offer you  will:


  • Revisit your passions, talents and knowledge gained in Femina Fusion program

  • Practise sharing about your talents, passions, achievements and goals with your group buddy

  • Participate in  4 online webinars with other extraordinary women

  • Benefit from interactive group support and collaboration with other women

  • Enjoy 2 special 1-2-1 online coaching sessions  with Eva





Bloom & Be is an inspiring partnership with the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women to share the vision of creating a culture of collaboration while supporting women.

Why women?
What does it mean to be extraordinary?
Why should we want more women to step up and follow their ambitions and dreams?

Inspire yourself in this interview byAnia Sujet, Lucia Hoxha and Jazz Rasool                                                                                                  



Registration for the 12 week

Bloom & Be programme

is now open to women

who are committed to creating

an extraordinary life in 2019.



What the graduates say about the Bloom &Be programme?


“I really considered whether to join Bloom & Be or not as I have never come across any similar programme like this one before. Now I can say that I don’t regret joining it at all. In fact, it’s the opposite. The 12 week online programme Bloom & Be helped me to discover myself better, to unlock my gifts, my abilities, re-connect with my femininity, attractiveness and strength, which I have not noticed before.

The programme showed me a journey to building bigger confidence and gain the courage to do things, which I was scared  to do before. I gained more clarity in what I would like to go for, what make me stand out. And, last but not least, I met amazing women who really supported  and inspired me. Thanks to Eva, Adri and the amazing participants in this programme I discovered my strength and uniqueness, which were hiding inside me.”

Eva, UK

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It’s your time to bloom!


Join our 12 week  online program designed for women committed to creating their own life.


In this program you will :


  • gain a better understanding of yourself

  • learn to use your talents and passions to accelerate achieving your goals

  • access the modern and powerful multi-media program Femina Fusion  designed by GIFEW (Global Institute for Extraordinary Women)

  • participate in  4 online webinars

  • gain 3 special 1-2-1 online coaching sessions to support you through the program

  • benefit from interactive group support and collaboration with other women






Registration for the 12 WEEK Bloom & Be programme

 is now open to women who are committed to creating an extraordinary life in 2019.



Standard programme price in 2019 - £697


S P E C I A L   P R I C E


valid for all purchases during until 30th Sept 2019



Your confirmation of registration including

the welcome pack will be emailed to you

within 24 hours from your online purchase.



This 3-month program will provide you with groundbreaking
experience in using your energy and power in your daily life


This individual personalised program is a perfect structure for people who desire to be powerful and authentic communicators in their life and their relationships. Do you experience blaming and arguments in every day communication? If you are committed to get to the root of the cause and explore your true potential, and shift to sharing, openness and freedom of choice, this program is ideal fit for you.


In order to be really powerful and fully self-expressed in relationships,
SELF-AWARENESS and COMMUNICATION are two essential areas to build on. These areas will be covered in this 3-month program, where you will…

  • discover your self- beliefs and value system which is driving your life, your strengths and self-value;

  • discover and remove your limits and blocks;

  • get clarity on: Who am I? What is important in my life? What do I

  • want to achieve in different areas of my life?;

  • uncover your patterns in communication, look at your behaviour in your relationships with other people in different areas of your life;

  • learn how to apply new effective communication where you will be powerful and authentic with people in your life.





What the graduates say about the Bloom &Be programme?


“With Bloom & Be I was able to look at what's really important and valuable to me and my life. My new discoveries and knowledge have allowed me to live a more fulfilling life with each activity I put into my calendar, and with Eva's and the group's support, doing what I said I would weren't just empty words but reality that I started living.”


Author and blogger, UK



3 perfect reasons to join the Bloom & Be programme:    


1. You will invest in yourself

2. You will decode what creates your flow

3. You will create a life aligned with your values



Not sure if you are the right person to join Bloom & Be?

Book your free consultation below.



This results you will get during 8 sessions spread over 3 months of interactive work and practical real-life exercises.


Each session take 60 minutes and is delivered online

(or as per agreement).



One 60 minute FREE session with your partner or family member




(Payment is due before the program start)
This SPECIAL OFFER is valid if registered by end of April 2016.


Book your place in the program by email: or via
call at 0044 776 5237 831.

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Love is the easiest thing to carry around. And the more you give away, the more you gain. You cannot help but feel happy when you feel love. Love is the main ingredient of life, and when we realise that, it will change everything. Start by loving you!


Butterfly Whispers, Vanessa Stottor



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