My Team and Parnership

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

GIFEW is committed to transforming humanity through the aligned power of Extraordinary Women.

Our promise is that every woman lives a fulfilled life and makes a difference in the world.  

We are co-creating a new culture where men and women operate harmoniously at an entirely new level. We believe that the Female energy is the access to it. 

Our Curriculum brings together over 6 years experience of training women leaders on 5 continents across different sectors and levels.

Our transformational educational programs based on The Authentic & Integrated Women’s Leadership are focusing on discovering, who a woman is at a deeply authentic level, and how her authentic self can be most powerfully expressed in her work, in business, in relationships and in the world.

Connections and collaborations are powerfully enhanced because we empower women to develop and nurture high-quality, effective and productive relationships.


Bea Benkova

Ambassador & Coach of Extraordinary Women


Nela Sullens

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist & Zumba InstructorNela's purpose is to show people how to create a healthy lifestyle by incorporating good choices in daily eating habits and activities; by allowing your body and mind to reach their full potential and energy levels, your life can improve dramatically. Without sacrificing taste, food can be enjoyable and healthy at the same time. She believes everybody can increase their vitality and feel & look beautiful. She will introduce a few of her simple healthy lifestyle tips to get started, even with a demanding schedule.

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