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I support you in consciously ending a dysfunctional or unhappy relationship, heal your heart, and call in „The One“ so that you can live a life you love and dream of.


Every break up with a person you loved is painful, and if you decide to end the relationship, do so consciously. This proces causes as little pain and suffering to yourself and others as possible.


With my guidance, I foster the groundwork that is already within you and align to what you really want; connection to your inner Self and the partner of your dreams with whom you will feel unconditional love.


Living the life you love while being yourself in every situation no matter what the circumstances. This process is literally like climbing a topless mountain and you consciously enjoy the process.

I have not met anyone in the Czech Republic who is such an expert in relationships and ontological coaching as Eva. I have transformed my whole life and I achieve productivity in my profession that I had not even dream of.
Miroslav Sázovský
Eva has an amazing ability of being gentle and direct in supporting you in her coaching to discover for yourself what is getting in the way, of your effective performance.
Shani ChoudhariSpiritual Life Coach (UK)
She is excellent at connecting people together, and through that she contributes to great results and achievements for herself and others. My experience of working with EVA is both pleasant and efficient. What a great combination!
Nathalie Le MoalEvolutionary coach and Mentor (FR)
I received great personality development in the areas of self-esteem, cooperation, relationships and self-awareness. I now fully express myself and manifest myself in my uniqueness, authenticity and integrity.
Michaela LánováGreen Ways
I feel like a different person. I feel completely in the clouds as if it gives me access to another dimension ... but I trust that I can go down to the ground as well. I feel like a lot of things have been unblocked, things which had bothered me in the past. I realized that what I thought I was in every situation wasn't really me.
Eva offered me consultations via Skype and we work on my development at work and in my personal life with a step by step approach. She gradually opens my eyes and I'm happy about that. Anyone considering Eva's coaching: I highly recommend.
JarkaSestřička v zubní ordinaci

How will I support you?

When I meet someone who is interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams. Then I challenge them to dream much bigger than they could have imagined, I support them to see and actualize the ways they can make this dream come true in their lives.

I'm not saying that the transformation has to be slow and complicated. However, if you want to become a master of your life and live the life you love, you must be willing to forget everything you think or know about yourself and begin to be open to the possibility that everything you want in your life is much closer than you think.